Gaza Neonatal network (GNN) and the GNN Website

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Dear Dr. Abdulsalam,


Ref: Gaza Neonatal network (GNN) and the GNN Website


It is a long time since we have met and talked.  I hope all is going well.


After a recent conversation with Dr Nabil Barqouni, I thought it will be useful to circulate the information about the  “Gaza Neonatal network”  and its website to colleagues in the west bank. The website provides up-to-date information and news for families, health professionals and other interested parties about the Network and the neonatal units it encompasses along with information about the Neonatal Guidelines and Transport Service in Gaza strip. The GNN covers the 6 neonatal units in Gaza Strip who all work together closely to ensure that newborn infants and their families receive appropriate care in a setting able to meet their needs, as close to home as possible. We endeavour to keep the content up-to-date and relevant to our priorities as well.

The GNN and website have been established since 2013/2014. The membership of GNN is as follows:

Network Chair: Dr Nabil Barqouni

Deputy Chair and Network Clinical Guidelines Lead: Dr Shireen Abed


                     Dr Shaymaa Shurrab

                     Dr Allam Abu Hamda

                     Dr Ahmed Abu Jebara

                     Mr Majed Hasanain

                     Mr Hamdi Alkhudari

Consultancy/support: Dr Ezedin  Gouta


With kind regards

Ezzedin Gouta