Maximizing Potential – Strengthening Approaches to Childhood Disability, Palestine

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Dear Colleagues PSP Members

PSP Administrative committee is pleased to inform you that our PSP is launching, the Project of " Maximizing Potential – Strengthening Approaches to Childhood Disability, Palestine" with regard to Down syndrome, autism, hearing disorders, physical disabilities as well as learning difficulties.

This project is a joint project between our PSP and the UK Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).  It is the result of a longstanding relationship evolved over around fifteen years of collaboration between the RCPCH and some of our  colleagues in Palestine within the "Palestinian Diploma in Child Health" and lately the "Masters of Child Health" program with Al-Quds university.

The discussions and exchange of ideas between PSP and the RCPCH over the past few months to develop this project went in the desired successful path. A lot of effort and time was invested. For that we thank our PSP colleagues Samir Khalil, Ghaleb Zghayer, Khaled Elain, and Najwa Ershaid for their perseverance on what has been achieved. Our thanks go also to our colleagues of RCPCH James, Margaret, Doug, Janet, Steve and Christine and others.

This project will extend over two years to training trainers to train professional workers in the intermediary rehabilitation institutions in Palestine.

This project will be supported financially and technically by the RCPCH that we thank for that.

As for organizational aspects, this project will be run by a joint committee RCPCH/PSP. The Palestinian members of this Joint committee was formed as follows:

  • Dr. Najwa Ershaid / Project coordinator for Palestinian end.
  • Dr. Ghaleb Zghayer (in his personal capacity and not as PSP President).
  • Ms. Dina Nasser (in her personal capacity and not as a representative of Juzoor).
  • Dr. Wadah Malhees (in his personal capacity and not as medical director of Proncess Basam Foundation).
  • Dr. Motee Ashhab (as pediatric neurologist specialist and MACH tutor).7
  • Mrs, Luma Tarazi (as a psychologist)

We wish this committee success in its work. Our PSP admin committee conrineorusly back this committee.

We ask your cooperation

Dr. Ghaleb Zghayer

President of the Assembly